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World-class hand painted Art on tile is closer to you than ever!

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Enlarge an existing motif
This is your full service accent tiles website. There is over 400 different themes and motifs offered on the website.
Tiles are available for a variety of uses, indoor and outdoor.
We offer a variety of designs that can be resized and ordered in a few click. Quotes estimator for enlarging existing designs is available in the website.

Tell us your idea. We will hand design it!
If you need help to have your own decorating idea hand designed on tiles, please do not hesitate to email us requesting a quote.
Please be specific about the dimensions, where the project is being shipped to, and with what you want hand designed.
Please attach the necessary images and/or sketches to explain your project.
Please email quote requests to

Large or small, custom project average delivery time is of three weeks.
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Colors we use:
Antique white, Azure, Bisque, Blanched almond, Corn silk, Eggshell, Floral white, Gainesboro, Ghost white, Honeydew, Ivory, Lavender, Lavender blush, Lemon chiffon, Linen, Mint cream, Misty rose, Moccasin, Navajo white, Old lace, Papaya whip, Peach puff, Seashell, Snow, Thistle, Titanium white, Wheat, White, White smoke, Zinc white, Cold grey, Dim grey, Grey, Light grey, Slate grey, Slate grey dark, Slate grey light, Warm grey, Black, Ivory black, Lamp black, Alizarin crimson, Brick, Cadmium red deep, Coral, Coral light, Deep pink, English red, Firebrick, Geranium lake, Hot pink, Indian red, Light salmon, Madder lake deep, Maroon, Pink, Pink light, Raspberry, Red, Rose madder, Salmon, Tomato, Venetian red, Beige, Brown, Brown madder, Brown ochre, Burly wood, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Chocolate, Deep ochre, Flesh, Flesh ochre, Gold ochre, Greenish umber, Khaki, Khaki dark, Light beige, Peru, Rosy brown, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Sepia, Sienna, Saddle brown, Sandy brown, Tan, Van dyke brown, Cadmium orange, Cadmium red light, Carrot, Dark orange, Mars orange, Mars yellow, Orange, Orange red, Yellow ochre, Aureoline yellow, Banana, Cadmium lemon, Cadmium yellow, Cadmium yellow light, Gold, Goldenrod, Goldenrod dark, Goldenrod light, Goldenrod pale, Light goldenrod, Melon, Naples yellow deep, Yellow, Yellow light, Chartreuse, Chrome oxide green, Cinnabar green, Cobalt green, Emerald green, Forest green, Green, Green dark, Green pale, Green yellow, Lawn green, Lime green, Mint, Olive, Olive drab, Olive green dark, Permanent green, Sap green, Sea green, Sea green dark, Sea green medium, Sea green light, Spring green, Spring green medium, Terre verte, Viridian light, Yellow green, Aquamarine, Aquamarine medium, Cyan, Cyan white, Turquoise, Turquoise dark, Turquoise medium, Turquoise pale, Alice blue, Blue, Blue light, Blue medium, Cadet, Cobalt, Cornflower, Cerulean, Dodger blue, Indigo, Manganese blue, Midnight blue, Navy, Peacock, Powder blue, Royal blue, Slate blue, Slate blue dark, Slate blue light, Slate blue medium, Sky blue, Sky blue deep, Sky blue light, Steel blue, Steel blue light, Turquoise blue, Ultramarine, Blue violet, Cobalt violet deep, Magenta, Orchid, Orchid dark, Orchid medium, Permanent red violet, Plum, Purple, Purple medium, Ultramarine violet, Violet, Violet dark, Violet red, Violet red medium, Violet red pale
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At the other end of this web store, there is a seven Artists strong Art Studio, in Nabeul, Tunisia, for all your tiling projects!
All our tiles are individually hand painted and fired, so each tile is really unique. We offer motifs in a variety of designs: Mediterranean, Italian, French, Spanish, Tunisian, Arabesque, Antique Looking, Turkish, Persian, Southwestern, etc.
The web store offers 100's of motifs hand designed on tiles, for kitchen backsplash projects, bathroom tiling, accent flooring, wall coverings and swimming pools. We can also hand design your idea on tiles.
Check out our portfolio and view the most exotic wall mural designs.
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