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Mosaic tiles - Dallas, TX
Wow. These tiles were prettier than I ever expected. The colors are beautiful and vibrant and will make a great table top.

Mosaic - Atlanta, GA
Gorgeous! Used this mosaic to create a custom outdoor wall fountain.

Simple and wonderful - Central Coast, CA
This is the most fascinating product I have bought on-line in a long time. The package was shipped via mail from Tunisia, Africa. It really had the look of some home artist creating the tiles (masking tape with hand written numbers still on the backs of each tile) and clearly hand packaged very carefully. The pattern and colors are quite nice. I love it!

Ceramic tiles - Wellesley, MA
Arrived quickly and was packed safely. Tiles are beautiful.

Mosaic tile - Needham, MA
The tiles came packaged very well. They are beautiful but I have one complaint. Whoever painted the top 2 tiles was very sloppy. The black outline is fine but the paint that is supposed to be in the lines is obviously "slopped' on maybe in haste. But from far back it is not that noticeable. It bugs me because the lower 4 tiles are painted perfectly. Other than that I love it and wish I could afford to have more! And by the way I did not get the peacock one. But mine is very similar. It has birds.

Beautiful and quality - Winter Park, FL
The first thing you notice is the care taken in the packaging. When you make it through the bubble wrap you find tiles skillfully painted with vibrant colors. This is a very good value.

Backsplash - Key Largo, FL
Just what i expected love love love it .I have already placed it on the wall behind my stove. My kitchen theme is fruit. And it also arrived quickly just like everything else I have purchased.

Hand painted tiles - Elizabeth, NJ
The tiles are beautiful ... exactly as described. They came well packaged and very quickly. We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and they will be in the backsplash above the stove ... can't wait to actually see them on the wall!

Tile - Chuckey, TN
Absolutely loved this tiles i have an 1920 farmhouse and they look great in my kitchen.

Beautiful tiles - Seattle, WA
I am surprised that these tiles arrived so fast to me from the time I ordered until I got them. It was very speedy! Not only that, they were packed so well I think they could have been dropped from a 2 story building and still not break! Meaning, everything came in good order to me and I love them. They are more beautiful in person than I could have imagined. They have this wonderful "handmade" feeling about them, too.

Thanks! Philadelphia, PA
The tile is beautiful and the delivery fast. Thanks!

Dorra accent ceramic tiles - Moscow, ID
Beautiful colors in the tiles. They looked just as they did in the picture. They arrived within a reasonable time.

Perfect tiles to brighten up the kitchen - Danbury, CT
I bought these tiles to add a little color to my kitchen which was just redone. The cabinets are dark cherry and the walls are a wheat color so we needed a little boost in brightness. These tiles do the trick, they are beautiful. I hung them above the countertop backsplash in a random pattern, they fit in perfectly and they draw your eye to them immediately because of their color combination - not too bright but not dull in any sense of the word. They arrived quicker than I expected and were packed very well, no breaks or chips. I couldn't be happier.

Beautiful! Sonoma, CA
I've just rec'd the tiles. Shipment took about 4 weeks. I am extremely pleased with the color. As I am a new client to the web store, I ordered and kept my fingers crossed. The background terra cotta is more of a brown than red terra cotta (looks more pink on the website). The rest of the colors are true. They are bright and vivid. Even though handpainted, the tiles perfectly match. Tiles are a bit thin, therefore fragile, but I don't anticipate having any problems installing. Really like them!

Beautiful! New Smyrna Beach, FL
It came very well packed-from Tunisia. The tiles are hand painted, and really beautiful. It is very easy to glue onto a table, or a piece of wood, I framed it with some extra slate tile that I had. It took about an hour to do. It is the center piece of my porch, Everyone, loves it.

Tile backsplash - Las Vegas, NV
I researched many suppliers and made my decision to purchase this pattern; the tiles from Tunisia arrived promptly to Nevada, as described; the colors are vibrant, and appropriate for the backsplash behind my countertop range in the kitchen; I know I will enjoy this decor and compliments will follow once the tiler has completed our kitchen renovations.

Unique! Toronto, Canada
It is great that I could find something soooo beautiful and unique for such a reasonable price. I did have to wait a while for delivery but it was securely wrapped and arrived undamaged. It will make a fabulous point of interest over the stove in my new kitchen. Brilliant colors.

Wonderful - Southern Illinois
These tiles were well worth the wait, They are gorgeous and are even signed by the artist that handpainted them. They are an extraordinary value.

Backsplash - Denver, CO
We bought one set of pomegranate tiles for the backsplash behind the kitchen sink. We are so happy with the mural that we ordered another so we could set them end-to-end and cover twice the amount of wall. They are going to look magnificent.

Artistic ceramic tiles - Detroit, MI
These tiles are wonderful. Such detail in the painting and they will add such character to any spot in your home where they are placed. I love them so much in fact, I have ordered some other mosaic tiles with different fruits on them to add to my kitchen.

Beautiful tiles - Boulder, CO
These arrived extremely well packaged and in perfect condition. They are very cute, will brighten any kitchen and are hand painted and signed by the artist. A great way to perk up a backsplash at an excellent price.

Worth the wait, Los Angeles, CA
These tiles are beautiful and the you can't beat the price. They ship from Tunisia and so it took about 3+ weeks to arrive. But they are worth the wait.

Enchanting - Reunion Island, Africa
A sumptuous mosaic, with bright colors ! Important also : it was carefully packed and was delivered in perfect condition.

Quality tiles - Bridgeport, CT
Beautiful colors, carefully hand packed. Very pleased!

One word: spectacular! Winter Springs, FL
I re-designed my entire kitchen around this beautiful mosaic which I used as the backsplash behind my range. I cannot tell you the number of compliments I have received. It was easy to install ( I did it myself). The blues in the picture are very true to color and work especially well if you are looking for something in the cobalt family. There is just enough pale blue and a slight tinge of turquoise to keep the cobalt from being too overwhelming. I looked at similar ( though not as artistic) ones at a tile store that were well over $200. Great price for an actual work of art in this case.

Beautiful tiles - Aspen, CO
Excellent product, it arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful. Would definitely recommend. It is bigger and way better than any mosaic found at a home improvement store!

Mosaic tiles - Hailey, ID
The tiles are beautiful! I am very pleased with the appearance and workmanship. I am applying the tiles to the top of two cement benches in my courtyard. I laid the tiles out and I'm very impressed with the quality.

Beautiful craftsmanship - Atlantic City, NJ
Art is gorgeous and well done on durable ceramic tile.

Wind mill mosaic - Fairmont, WV
awesome, job creating, and fast, fast shipping, worked perfect in area I was tiling.

Awesome! Ottawa, Canada
I was excited to open the box and was not disappointed . The tiles were beautiful and I used them in my entry way high traffic area with a cobalt blue tile around the design . No scratches have held up to the entry way traffic . Snow and salt are on our boots withstood all of it. The tiles are an an eye catcher when folks enter our home .Very impressive. Highly recommended for backsplash or as a floor design!!! Awesome exceeded expectations.

Mosaic tiles - Madison, NC
We removed our tub and replaced it with just a shower. We put this in the middle of the back wall and used the pumpkin color in 6" tiles to match over the entire shower area. It turned out beautiful!

Deer mosaic tile - Tallmadge, OH
This is hand-painted tile from Tunisia. A lot of detailed work went into the piece. All of the tiles were bubble-wrapped, and then shipped in a Styrofoam box. Everything arrived beautiful and without a scratch. The workmanship was awesome.

Arabesque wall mural - San Diego, CA
Product well packaged. We are installing in a new custom home. We did not unwrap all tiles yet, but a few opened samples look good. Bought several other murals from this vendor at same time and all look good.

Colorful - Virginia Beach, VA
Thank you, thank you...I absolutely love my new wall mural. It is full of gorgeous color and whimsy, and will be the perfect addition to my new kitchen which is still white! Thank you so much for solving my problem quickly....I appreciate the great service and attention to every detail to making this order perfect.

Ceramic wall tiles - McLean, VA
Way nicer than expected. A beautiful addition to the room

Architectural tile set - Tybee Island, GA
These tiles are beautiful! They were imported from Tunisia, which took over 3 weeks for expect a delay, but worth the wait. The tiles are handpainted, so the design is a little irregular in some areas which made it a small challenge to lay them out in their proper order. This could have been facilitated with some type of illustrated and/or written directions for layout, but there weren't any included. This was the only drawback, but not impossible to overcome. I would recommend these tiles to anyone!

Rooster kitchen mosaic - Orlando, FL
The tiles are very nice, and what I have been looking for... unique, hand-painted, and vibrant colors. There are small imperfections, but that was expected with a hand painted product. Although, there is one tile that was chipped and glazed over which I am deciding whether its worth exchanging. The tiles shipped from Tunisia and arrived in good condition, packaged property and protected. Overall, I am very happy with this product and am looking forward to putting it up.

WOW! Tulsa, OK
Took a little bit longer than usual to get here - maybe 2 weeks.....but package arrived airmail directly from Tunisia! Wonderfully and carefully packaged, these tiles are just spectacular. Beautiful colors, matching design from tile to tile, really nicely painted and textured. This will be the centerpiece of my kitchen backsplash!

Decorative backsplash - Riverside, CA
As warned, it took a while for the decorative backsplash to be delivered from North Africa. Individually and laid out together, the tiles are just beautiful, exceeding my expectations. None bore even a scratch upon arrival. I can't wait to install the backsplash!

Beautiful, New York, NY
This is beautifully made. I have it hanging in my bathroom which is entirely titled- i have this Mural on top of the tiles on my wall and it looks beautiful- i have it up for about two weeks and have received compliments from anyone who has seen it thus far.

100% satisfied - Clearwater, FL
These tiles were a gift to my daughter and I was a little skeptical about ordering online. However, they arrived well packed and in excellent condition. The colors are more vibrant and beautiful than they show online. Each tile was numbered and one of them was signed by the artist. A real find!

It's great! Malibu, CA
love it this looks so good in my kitchen I'm glad i got it!

Painted mosaic tiles - Detroit, MI
I absolutely love these tiles. The garlic painted on them goes wonderfully in our gourmet kitchen and I am so excited to get them hung. The detail in the hand painted tiles is beautiful and I do recommend them to anyone who wants to add a little personality and design to their kitchen!

Beautiful! Los Angeles, CA
I ordered this, as well as another tile mosaic, with a bit of trepidation. It shipped from Tunisia so i was a little worried about all the tiles arriving intact. It arrived in perfect condition and it is a beautiful centerpiece to my shower stall. It fits in perfectly with the style I had selected for our new bathroom and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

Beautiful! Prescott, AZ
Lovely tiles for our patio. Although I haven't yet had it installed, it will look great behind the copper sink!

Pretty! Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Although they took much longer than the advertised time to arrive, I am very pleased with the tiles. The colors are rich and the tiles line up nicely (no breaks in the design). The box was severely damaged and I worried about the condition of the tiles inside, but they were well wrapped in bubble wrap and foam sheets and were in perfect shape. They had traveled far to get to me. :) I plan to order a set for my Mom's birthday (a different design), but will do so two months in advance, due to the long shipping times. Worth the wait! :)

Beautiful tiles - Southern California
I ordered the tiles to mount as wall art on a piece of wood. They are so colorful and well made, I love them. I just used liquid nails instead of grout. They were very well packaged, came directly from Tunisia. And still they arrived in about a week. Each tile was wrapped and numbered for correct placement. I am very happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy other Tunisian tiles. Thank you.

Beautiful tiles - Richmond, VA
This is very beautiful with full, rich colors. Highly recommended. The blue is deep and full, the workmanship is very good, it comes straight off the boat from Tunis, hand packed in some bazaar shop, no doubt, hand addressed. Love Africa.

Hand painted tiles - Chicago, IL
These tiles from Tunisia are an excellent value for the money. They are hand painted and very decorative. They are not as finely executed as Armenian or Arabic tiles from the Middle East but if you don't mind that they are worth it. I used them in combination with plain off white ceramic tiles of the same size for a small countertop in the kitchen.

Arabesque tiles - Odenton, MD
We were very pleased with the tiles. The colors are outstanding. Especially nice was the speed with which they were delivered.

Happy with my purchase - St. Paul, MN
I ordered 4 set of these tiles to use in my new house and everything is perfect. They were carefully, meticulously - and immediately - packed and shipped from Tunisia , then sent to the U.S. for delivery to my house in Minnesota. So...the shipment left Tunisia (which is in Africa, if you're wondering) and arrived at my door within 10 days of my initial order. I have purchased many items from the web - everything from electronics to small appliances to large furniture, and I have NEVER been dissatisfied. It is the best! Now. What to do with the tiles (which are exactly as pictured)..?

Excellent accent tile - Longwood, FL
Excellent accent tile for the tub surround. Very pleased with the price.

Good service - Morecambe, England, UK
We ordered the tiles for a splashback behind the cooker in the new kitchen we had installed. They arrived intact and exactly as the picture, It has created a talking point and they look fab! Thank you for your service.

Mural - McNimmville, TN
It took awhile to receive the product, but was worth the wait. The colors on the web site are not the same as the product we received. However, being that it was handmade was the reason there was more pinks were the yellows were in the picture. Going to use it and my neighbor has ordered a mural for her kitchen also. Very impressive.

Beautiful tiles - Eugene, OR
These are so much more beautiful in person. I was floored at the quality - the colors are vibrant and the details crisp. Order arrived quickly and well wrapped for protection from breakage. I am very pleased with these and have ordered in another pattern as well.

Great! Needham, MA
These tiles are beautifully hand painted. Took a couple weeks to get here but was coming from overseas to be expected

Superb piece of work - Mukilteo, WA
What a wonderful touch of class! I live in a coastal town, near Seattle, and this just fits the theme. It looks as good or better than depicted. The shipping was well done-each tile wrapped carefully. It looks like it costs at least $500.00. I put it above a free standing chopping block that has stainless drawers and it really pops.

Perfect! Raleigh, NC
I just finished redoing my husband's bathroom. I couldn't believe that he went along with me putting this mosaic in his shower! It turned out great and he too is very pleased. The whole shower is 4 inch white tile with this in the center framed with a white boarder of beaded tile. Delivery was faster than expected.

Tunisian tile - Tucson, AZ
I love the tile! It is the perfect update for my kitchen that was stuck in the 90's. The photo shows the yellows more of a lemon yellow than their true harvest gold-lemon. These are truly beautiful one of a kind hand-painted tiles. Easy to lay, with aligned grout lines. Tiles arrived in a well worn package, but none were broken.

Tile mural - Costa Mesa, CA
The murals are an incredible deal. The only negative is the thickness of the tiles. They are much thinner than Mexican tiles. The artwork is great, though, and compliment my Mexican tile murals.

Peacock ceramic mosaic - New York, NY
I bought three sets of the Peacock Ceramic Mosaic, and I am very pleased with them. The design is signed by the artist. I was a little disappointed that the red turned out to be rust, but all the colors were bright and the workmanship is good.

I like it - Santa Fe, NM
This tile mural looks just like the picture. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I know what really fine ceramic work looks like, and this is good workmanship but not art. It's also not priced like "art"! I'm very pleased with it.

Handmade tiles - Cambridge, MA
The tiles arrived extremely carefully packed. The design is true to picture, however the lilac color seen in the picture is actually more of a mauve (light reddish-purple) color, at least in the one I received. Very nicely hand-made.

Couldn't be happier! Tallahassee, FL
Absolutely gorgeous hand painted tiles from Tunisia. I ordered enough to do my bathroom floor & couldn't be happier with the results! They are even more beautiful in person. Colors are richer & more vivid. I was a little nervous about the shade of bright blue on my monitor, but, when I received them the blue color turned out to be darker, more of a navy & stunning, Highly recommend to anyone. Can't beat the price! Only downside is that it takes 6-8 weeks before receiving. If you're not in a hurry, it's worth the wait!
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